Pointers on Setting Compliance Goals


Today we return to the compliance officer bookshelf. I just began reading Get It Done, a newly released book by business professor Ayelet Fishbach, that examines how people can motivate themselves to change their behavior. The first chapter alone raises excellent points about how to set goals that people want to achieve — a subject…

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A Book for Compliance Entrepreneurs


Good news for compliance professionals slaving away in the corporate world and dreaming of leaving to start your own business: a trio of compliance entrepreneurs just published a book offering guidance on how to do exactly that.  The book is The Compliance Entrepreneur’s Handbook: Tools, Tips, and Tactics to Find Your Killer Idea and Create…

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Out: New Book on Compliance Training


Corporate compliance professionals have another book to consider putting on the shelf, this one exploring how to build a good training program in our era of digital communications and invigorated regulatory scrutiny.  The book, Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World, is from Kirsten Liston. These days Liston runs Rethink Compliance, a consulting firm…

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Book Review: Wildly Successful Career in Compliance

Compliance professionals have another career development resource for the bookshelf: How to Have a Wildly Successful Career in Compliance by Kristy Grant-Hart — a slim, easy-to-read volume stuffed with practical insights and useful tips to get ahead in this field we’ve chosen. As it says right in the title, this book is about how to…

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Recommended Reading for Big Data & GRC

GRC frameworks

Yes, technology moves fast, but sometimes you come across an old chestnut of guidance about tech that still applies today. That happened to me as I stumbled across a collection of essays about Big Data that offer a bundle of insight about how to use Big Data and cloud computing for better GRC management. The…

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