JP Morgan, Part II: The Consultant Agreement


Today I want to revisit that enforcement action against JP Morgan from last week, because there’s more here that compliance officers need to consider. We need to talk about the compliance consultant JP Morgan has to hire as part of its settlement. In our first post about this scandal last Friday, we looked at the…

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The Swiss Angle in Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse

I want to circle back to that FCPA enforcement action against Credit Suisse a final time, because we have one more detail of this case that hasn’t yet been discussed much. We haven’t talked about the restrictions that Swiss regulators have imposed on Credit Suisse’s future business activities. To recap, last month Credit Suisse settled…

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A Note on DOJ Monitorships

Some gossip for compliance professionals who like to obsess about corporate compliance monitors: the Fraud Section at the Justice Department has started publishing the names of monitors assigned to corporate corruption cases.  It looks like the names appeared on the Fraud Section website last week, and so far there are only 13 monitorships listed. Still,…

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