Compliance in Trump Era: More Markers Placed


Compliance officers trying to figure out how your job will or won’t change during the Trump Administration, look at two events that happened this week. First, Jeff Sessions was confirmed as attorney general. Second, the Trump Administration and its henchmen put the Conflict Minerals Rule in their sites. Within those two things are all the…

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Conflicted Feelings About Conflict Minerals

Don’t die of shock, but a new government report finds that compliance with the Conflict Minerals Rule is still sputtering. That’s the overall conclusion of the latest Government Accountability Office review of conflict minerals compliance, which is pretty much the same conclusion as last year’s GAO report. Companies are marginally better at determining where their…

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Corporate Disclosure, Social Policy, and Dirty Pool

Several times now I’ve mentioned that the Dodd-Frank Act “works” in the sense that it has brought more stability to the financial system, even if other parts of the law are wrong-headed. Today, let me talk about one of those wrong-headed parts: the Conflict Minerals Rule. Or more accurately, let’s use the Conflict Minerals Rule…

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