Rats! Family Dollar Dinged on Sanitation

Family Dollar

Family Dollar Stores is paying $41.6 million to settle charges that the discount retailer ignored a rat infestation at one of its distribution centers and allowed contaminated goods to go to its retail stores — one of the ickier examples of corporate culture gone wrong that we’ve seen lately. The settlement, announced Tuesday by the…

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Study: Deferred Comp Boosts Ethics


We have a fresh bit of ethics and compliance academic research to start our week: a study from Australia demonstrating that deferred compensation is indeed a good way to curb misconduct risk among employees — and can even boost employee productivity, too.  The study comes from Elizabeth Sheedy, business professor at Macquarie University and director…

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How Pressure Invades Corporate Culture


Boeing was perhaps the biggest corporate compliance story of 2019, and we see no signs of that changing so far in 2020. This weekend we had another glimpse into the flawed corporate culture there that ultimately caused Boeing’s disaster with the 737 MAX jets. So let’s take another look at the lessons others can learn…

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Audit, Compliance, and Data-Driven Behavior

internal audit

Last week I had a guest post on Navex Global’s blog exploring the future of the internal audit function, and how a more powerful internal audit function might help the ethics and compliance department in new ways. Today we have a practical example from Fidelity Investments, and the news that it has recently sacked more…

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Another Great Example of Poor Compliance Culture

I just love the casino business. Every thinker and observer of corporate compliance issues should. Really, where else can you find such a perfect blend of internal control and corporate culture concerns, plus all those whacky casino names? The enforcement examples you find here always straddle hard-edged financial controls and business practices that make you…

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