Podcast: Delaware Law & Officer Liability


We have another Radical Compliance podcast today, this time talking about that recent Delaware Chancery Court ruling that opens the door to more personal liability risks for chief compliance officers and other corporate executives.  To parse the implications of that ruling I called up Todd Haugh, professor of business ethics and law at Indiana University.…

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‘Duty of Oversight’ and Internal Audit


Today I want to return to the Delaware Chancery Court and its decision that corporate officers have a “duty of oversight,” this time looking at the implications for internal audit executives. You in the audit crowd have both good news and bad news here. The good news is that this ruling turns up the heat…

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Duty of Oversight, Part II


Today let’s take a closer look at that Delaware Chancery Court decision from last week that established a “duty of oversight” for corporate officers. It’s another evolutionary step in the oversight of corporate culture, which is always something corporate compliance and audit professionals need to watch closely. The decision involved the former head of HR…

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A Double Whammy of Accountability


Holy cow! The compliance world had two big stories break within the last 24 hours: one about a Wall Street bank trying to hold employees accountable for good behavior, the other about the legal risks for corporate executives who don’t. We can start with the Wall Street bank, because everyone loves to pick apart what…

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