More Tips on Good Data Protection

data protection

Another week, another enforcement action from the Federal Trade Commission giving us a glimpse into what modern data protection programs should look like. This time the company in question is a telecommunications company that flubbed basic data protection protocols and then suffered a breach; and as usual, the FTC gives compliance, privacy, and IT security…

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FTC Hits Rite Aid on AI Usage

Rite Aid

The Federal Trade Commission has ordered Rite Aid not to use an AI-driven facial recognition system to identify potential shoplifters, in the latest and most vivid example yet of regulators cracking down on how companies might put artificial intelligence to use. The settlement was announced on Tuesday. According to the FTC, Rite Aid deployed AI-based…

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That Massive Privacy Settlement for Fortnite

Like so many other adults in this world, I have children who play Fortnite. When they play, they ignore me. This gives me time for other pursuits, such as reading the massive enforcement action and compliance reforms that the feds just imposed on Fortnite. You may have seen the headlines already. Epic Games, the owner…

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Another FTC Cyber Enforcement Case


Another week, another enforcement action from the Federal Trade Commission to remind the rest of us what steps we should take to protect consumers’ personal data. This time the company going to the woodshed is Chegg, an education tech company that lumbered along for years with poor data protection practices. Chegg provides textbooks, study aides,…

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Bold FTC Action Against Drizly


Fascinating enforcement action from the Federal Trade Commission this week, which brought charges of poor cybersecurity practices against an online liquor store and its CEO personally — who will need to abide by the terms of the consent order even if he leaves the company and takes another job elsewhere! The company is, which…

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FTC Serves MoviePass Its Final Scene


The folks behind MoviePass have agreed to settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission that the business worked to subvert customers’ ability to use the film subscription service and failed to protect personal data, in a messy case that’s quite the example of poor leadership and poor privacy compliance all rolled into one. For those…

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Zoom and FTC Enforcement to Come


A few weeks ago the Federal Trade Commission took an enforcement action against Zoom Technologies for misleading statements Zoom made about the security of its videoconferencing services. The case wasn’t too exciting except for a dissenting statement from one of the Democratic FTC commissioners — which read like a foreshadowing of cybersecurity enforcement in the…

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