Thoughts on Workplace Violence Risks


A grimly well-timed survey landed on my desk this week, examining trends in employee background checks and “workplace security incidents.” It underlines the challenge companies face today when trying to perform employee background checks and to reduce the risk of workplace violence. The report comes from Endera, a tech firm that sells software to help…

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The Midterms, Compliance, and You


All right, corporate compliance officers: the midterm congressional elections are over. We can now start dissecting what the results mean for corporate conduct and risk issues for the next two years. That the Democrats took back the House by a margin smaller than they wanted, but large enough to win — well, that’s not news.…

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Business Ethics, the Bulwark Against Political Risk


I try not to wax too philosophical in my columns, nor take such a macro-economic view of events that I lose sight of the relevance to compliance officers. Sometimes, however, as we all struggle to answer that eternal question, “Does fighting for ethical business standards really matter?” a perspective comes along that answers the question…

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