JPMorgan Replies on Retaliation Claim


We have an update on that lawsuit filed last year by a former compliance officer at JP Morgan, who says she was fired for raising concerns about weaknesses in the bank’s compliance program. JPMorgan has now filed a motion to dismiss, and depicts the former compliance officer as a terrible employee who was fired for…

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That Lawsuit Against J.P.Morgan

JP Morgan

As you might have already heard (because compliance is such a gossipy profession), last week a former compliance officer for J.P.Morgan filed a lawsuit against the bank, accusing executives there of retaliating against her because she was raising concerns about failures and weaknesses in the compliance program.  I spent the weekend reading the complaint, which…

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Report: Ethics Pressures Mounting on Employees


A record number of U.S. workers say they feel pressure to cut ethical corners on the job, and a record number also say they have experienced retaliation after reporting corporate misconduct — and for both issues, those numbers have essentially doubled in just three years.   So says the 2021 Global Business Ethics Survey, a sweeping…

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Mystery in Deaths of Four Liberian Auditors

We have a grim reminder from Africa of the perils that risk assurance professionals face while fighting corruption: the chief auditor of the government of Liberia was found dead under mysterious circumstances over the weekend, and is the fourth Liberian government auditor to meet a suspicious end in two weeks.  According to local news reports,…

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