ESG and Supply Chain Transparency


A report released this week demonstrates the challenges ahead as large companies try to stand up ESG programs that include their often vast supply chains, since many small suppliers are still struggling to stand up their own ESG efforts that you larger players can rely upon. The report comes from ISN, which acts as a…

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Another Look at Cybersecurity Shortcomings


The other week the Biden Administration issued an executive order to improve cybersecurity across the federal government. Now we have a peek at just how bad numerous government agencies are at the task — and what steps they’re likely to take to improve the situation, which could affect government contractors providing IT services. Said peek…

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Lessons Ever Given on Risk, Control 

For several days now I’ve wanted to discuss risk management and compliance lessons we could learn from that cargo container ship trapped in the Suez Canal, but I was stuck on exactly what to say about it.  My thoughts finally dislodged (that’s the last pun, I promise) after reading a superb analysis in the Financial…

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Climate Change Risk and Supply Chains


Let’s say you are a large manufacturing, retail, or industrial concern; and you want to assure that your supply chain won’t be disrupted by climate change. How would you actually assess and quantify that risk?  That’s not a hypothetical question for large businesses. As global warming continues, extreme weather events become more frequent and more…

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Supply Chain Risk: We’re Looking at It Wrong

I was reading the New York Times this weekend when an article jumped out at me: yet another example of misconduct in a large company’s supply chain suddenly bursting into public view, bringing grief to a company that clearly hadn’t known trouble was afoot. Ethics and compliance officers should take note. When we dissect exactly…

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More on Compliance, Audit, and Supply Chain Fraud

Deloitte today published some fresh research confirming what many compliance officers probably already suspect: supply chain fraud continues to be a serious problem for many companies, and one that most organizations aren’t terribly adept at fighting. The fundamental problem is how to fit modern anti-fraud procedures into global corporations’ convoluted payment approval process. We have…

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