Interesting Action From OFAC


Compliance officers might want to take a close look at the wrist-slap that State Street Corp. received from the Office of Foreign Assets Control on Tuesday, for violations of sanctions against Iran. It’s a small but telling example of how a robust compliance program brings benefits, OFAC or otherwise. OFAC did cite State Street for…

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U.S. Regulators Warn on China


U.S. securities and audit regulators have issued an extraordinary warning that they are not getting the cooperation that they want from their Chinese counterparts, and that U.S.-listed companies with significant operations in China should prepare for more strained relations between U.S. and Chinese securities regulators. The message came in two parts: first, in a special…

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Trade War! Trade War! Man the Barricades!

Trade war

Now that the United States is headed into a trade war with China, Canada, Europe, Japan — everyone, really — compliance officers might want to consider the implications of the tariff tussles that lurk ahead. Not so much for the new policies and procedures you might need to implement, although those are legitimate questions. Rather,…

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