Bank Regulator Props Up Energy Lending


The Trump Administration is trying to push through a rule that would neuter banks’ ability to consider ethics and reputation issues when offering services — a kiss to the oil & gas industry, and one that would undermine banks’ ability to consider social and ethical factors when evaluating business relationships. The Office of the Comptroller…

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Trump Admin and Diversity Training, Part II


Don’t die of surprise at this news, but the Trump Administration is dragging Corporate America into its attacks on diversity training and racial equity. Compliance officers would do well to understand what’s happening and prepare accordingly. The action is happening along two fronts. First, President Trump issued an executive order on Sept. 22 that directs…

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Trump Comes for Diversity Training


Compliance professionals involved in corporate training, watch this development: President Trump has ordered federal agencies to review their training programs and cancel any diversity training that contains certain keywords or concepts the White House deems “un-American propaganda.”  The Office of Management & Budget, which acts as the managerial conduit between the White House and the…

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Turmoil for SEC, SDNY Leadership


Compliance professionals awoke this weekend to news that two of the country’s most important corporate prosecutors — the Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York — are mired in confusion and uncertainty about who’s going to be in charge.  While you were Netflix and chillin’ on Friday…

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Lessons From Justice Dept Meltdown


You may have noticed that the Justice Department’s ethical reputation blew apart last week — shards of integrity streaking across the stage, leaving a miasma of unprincipled conduct looming over attorney general William Barr’s office.  By now you probably know the story. Last week Barr intervened in the sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone, self-professed dirty…

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The FCPA Threat That Wasn’t


The corporate compliance community had a surprise moment of mainstream media attention on Friday, when Trump Administration chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow told reporters the Administration is “taking a look at” the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and is considering potential reforms. This led to a wave of speculation on Twitter and the press that the…

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Deregulation News: Calm Yourselves


Cool your jets, all you compliance professionals who might be giddy at President Trump’s latest broadside over government regulation — most of the regulatory guidance you encounter on a daily basis is not covered by what Trump announced this week. For those who missed it, Trump issued two executive orders Wednesday meant to curb the…

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Trump, Ukraine, and Whistleblower Allegations


Allegations of misconduct by the CEO are the most difficult issue an audit or compliance professional will ever face. That’s why we should study the latest scandal in Washington, that President Trump implored his counterpart in Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joe Biden. It’s a fascinating glimpse into just how difficult investigations of CEO…

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Sharp(ie) Insights Into Speakup Culture

We return today to leadership lessons from President Trump, who has given us another example of how not to lead large organizations. Compliance professionals who care about developing a speakup culture should take note, since Trump’s behavior illuminates several important points about the relationship between CEO and employees. The incident in question is, of all…

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The Sound & Fury of Trump Regulation


Setting corporate strategy and regulatory compliance has never easy during the Trump Administration, and an article from the New York Times earlier this week demonstrates why that’s so. The article is worth a compliance officer’s time, since it’s quite possible we’re about to enter a period of even greater regulatory and political mess. The piece…

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