Walmart Compliance Exec Tapped for Bench


We rarely report personnel news outside the Compliance Jobs Report on Fridays, but this one is worth it: President Trump has nominated Walmart’s head of anti-corruption compliance to serve as a federal judge in Arkansas.  The nominee is Lee Rudofsky, who has been Walmart’s head of anti-corruption compliance for one year. Rudofsky also served as…

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Trump Grabs at Rulemaking


The Trump Administration launched a new plan Thursday to bring federal rulemaking under more direct White House control, where all proposed rules — including those from independent agencies such as the SEC, which historically have had more rulemaking freedom — will be subject to review from White House officials. The Office of Management and Budget…

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The Midterms, Compliance, and You


All right, corporate compliance officers: the midterm congressional elections are over. We can now start dissecting what the results mean for corporate conduct and risk issues for the next two years. That the Democrats took back the House by a margin smaller than they wanted, but large enough to win — well, that’s not news.…

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Interior Dept IG Crisis Averted


Chalk up another victory for independent audit and oversight: a Trump Administration political appointee poised to take over as inspector general of the Interior Department quit on Friday, amid outcry that she was only getting the job to undermine investigations into Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s doings. The inspector who never was, Suzanne Israel Tufts, fled…

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Regulatory Rollback, Kinda Sorta


Fresh news on the regulatory compliance front: banking regulators published a bulletin on Tuesday clarifying the role of the supervisory guidance they issue, to remind everyone that violating points raised in guidance documents is not an automatic compliance failure unto itself. This is in step with the Trump Administration’s larger effort to defang “sub-regulatory guidance”…

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When You Anonymously Report on Trump


Like millions of other Americans, I read that anonymous opinion column in the New York Times last week, apparently written by some senior official in the Trump Administration quietly aghast at the nuttiness of President Trump — and I thought, “Wow, that guy is a cowardly jackass.” That’s an easy reaction to have, after all.…

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Thoughts on Semiannual Reporting


Many moons ago — OK, actually 10 days ago, but that qualifies as many moons ago these days — President Trump floated the idea of letting U.S. companies adopt to semiannual corporate reporting rather quarterly. For a day we were all verklempt, torn between the lure of less short-term focus on Wall Street and our…

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The Omarosa Compliance Lessons

Omarosa Maingault-Newman

Like so many other Americans this week, I’ve been both captivated and annoyed at Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s disclosure of conversations she secretly recorded at the White House. Worse, the more I watch this latest episode in the drama-rama otherwise known as the Trump Administration, the more I find valuable lessons for corporate ethics and compliance officers.…

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Corporate Ethics & Politics: It’s Gonna Get Worse


Corporations, especially those in the consumer and tech sectors, are in a tough spot these days. Last week’s crisis of the Trump Administration separating migrant children from their parents was a company’s worst nightmare: a ferocious clash of moral values, political agendas, and business objectives, all squirming under the unblinking eye of social media. Every…

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Trade War! Trade War! Man the Barricades!

Trade war

Now that the United States is headed into a trade war with China, Canada, Europe, Japan — everyone, really — compliance officers might want to consider the implications of the tariff tussles that lurk ahead. Not so much for the new policies and procedures you might need to implement, although those are legitimate questions. Rather,…

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