New Standards and ‘Shadow Process’ Risk

shadow process

In the cybersecurity world, executives worry constantly about “shadow IT”—the risk that employees will implement their own IT systems via the cloud without telling anyone, therefore exposing the company to unknown security risks. Here at The Exchange Community, as I listen to discussions of new accounting standards for revenue recognition and leasing, I see a…

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TEC 2017: Importance of Reliable Data


Workiva’s TEC 2017 conference opened on Tuesday with a group of CFOs fretting about data—and, when you think about it, who can blame them? Companies are drowning in data. CFOs, CEOs, and other senior leaders spend far more time than they should simply confirming the authenticity and accuracy of it. The morning session even featured…

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SOX Compliance: Do Better Than a ‘C’ Grade

sox compliance

So there we all were on Monday, several hundred of us, warming up for Workiva’s 2017 Wdesk user conference by attending the SOX & Internal Controls Professionals Group Summit to talk all things internal control. On stage was Jeremy Sucharski, GRC, SOX, and internal audit partner at Armanino. He was sharing thoughts on good and bad…

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TEC 2016, Day 2: A Focus on Focus (and ERM)


The show-stopper for Day 2 of Workiva’s TEC 2016 user conference was a talk by Carey Lohrenz, the first female fighter pilot for the U.S. Navy. She gave an excellent keynote presentation Thursday morning about achieving high performance. Much to my surprise, however, Lohrenz’ comments also struck lots of chords with another TEC 2016 session that preceded…

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Talking About Tech Shifts at TEC 2016

Workiva’s TEC 2016 user conference kicked off today, and I have the good fortune to be on site here in San Diego. Today’s main sessions hit on themes of technology power and flexibility—which compliance and audit executives certainly need as they confront the modern regulatory and reporting climate. Workiva started by announcing a flurry of enhancements…

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Radical Compliance on the Road!

This week I will be schmoozing with internal control and compliance executives in San Diego at Workiva’s annual user conference. Expect posts in coming days about audit and compliance technology (good) and occasional photos of the sunny, waterfront scene at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel (even better). TEC, as the conference is formally known, usually attracts…

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