Compliance Jobs Report: April 19

compliance jobs

Another huge Compliance Jobs Report this week! The long-time head of compliance at Ford has gone to La-Z-Boy, and we have other compliance moves at NYC Housing Authority, KBR, Pearson, ADM, and more. Ameren Corp. is looking for its first-ever CCO. And our Meme of the Week goes out to everyone sharing compliance metrics across…

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Three Ideas on Codes, Policies, and Tech


Ethisphere has published a report looking at common practices in transparency, codes of conduct, and written policies among firms on its 2019 World’s Most Ethical Companies list, and compliance officers may want to give it a read as you ponder how to keep your programs responsive to current challenges. The report reviews issues such as…

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Survey on Chief Risk Officers


Deloitte has a new study out this week on the importance of corporate risk management systems. It finds that companies spending more on risk management — investing more dollars, embedding risk management principles across the whole enterprise — tend to fare better than their rivals. That’s not news to internal audit executives or directors of…

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Compliance Jobs Report: April 12

Compliance jobs

The Compliance Jobs Report this week has CCOs hired or promoted at Broward Health, Encore Capital, Allergan, Slalom, Bollore, and many more. The head auditor at Citi has taken an operations role; lots of vendor gossip this week too, and our Meme of the Week goes out to all the hotline managers. I gather these…

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Trump Grabs at Rulemaking


The Trump Administration launched a new plan Thursday to bring federal rulemaking under more direct White House control, where all proposed rules — including those from independent agencies such as the SEC, which historically have had more rulemaking freedom — will be subject to review from White House officials. The Office of Management and Budget…

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Lessons in Whistleblower Protection


One last dispatch from the HCCA conference this week: I dropped into a discussion led by a whistleblower, who discovered a $2 million embezzlement fraud while working as a university professor. Her story was gripping and vivid — and raised several powerful points about how people, compliance functions, and large enterprises should all work together.…

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Dispatches From HCCA Conference


The Health Care Compliance Association is hosting its annual conference this week — and hosting it in Boston, hometown of Radical Compliance, so we’ve been on scene all week to hear keen compliance insights and score some free food. As usual, we’ve pulled together a selection of social media posts so those not attending can…

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Hotline Metrics: Are You Missing Any?

internal reporting

NAVEX Global released its 2019 Ethics & Compliance Hotline Benchmark Report this week, and raised an important point for corporate compliance officers to ponder: are you using all the right intake channels to capture a true sense of misconduct and corporate culture at your organization? At least, that’s the question that jumps to my mind,…

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Compliance Jobs Report: April 5

compliance jobs

Blockbuster Compliance Jobs report this week! We have compliance people moving in or out of the Trump Organization (quit snickering), Stericycle, Anthem, Olympus, and Rio Tinto, among others. Fox News needs a vice president of integrity (really, stop snickering), and our Meme of the Week goes out to everyone who just wants an audit trail.…

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Oh, Gee: Fraud Case Involving Estimates


We have a fresh case of accounting fraud to mull this week, this time with a Wisconsin trucking firm where three senior executives cooked the books for years and eventually drove $245 million of shareholder value over the cliff. Yet again, poor internal control over management estimates and use of spreadsheets played a starring role…

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