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When Ethics and Policy Collide


Policy management buffs, put on your thinking caps. A school lunch program in New Hampshire has given us a doozy of an example to consider about ethical conduct, strategic priorities, and third-party management. You may have seen the story already. A cafeteria worker at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Canaan, N.H., was fired the…

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Compliance Jobs Report: May 17

compliance jobs

Another huge Compliance Jobs Report this week! The head of compliance at Dow has jumped to take that role at Baker Hughes; GEICO has reshuffled its internal control team; and we have more people coming or going at Duke Energy, Rockwell Automation, some private equity firms, and elsewhere. A great job opportunity for an audit…

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News on CCO Titles, Reporting Structure

Ethisphere has released another analysis of its World’s Most Ethical companies, finding a move toward a more clearly defined chief ethics & compliance officer role and more direct reporting to senior leadership. The study, released on Thursday, is the second in a series of reports Ethisphere is publishing about the 128 firms that made its…

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Oh Come On, CFTC…


Well this takes the whistleblowing cake: the Commodities & Futures Trading Commission is promoting its whistleblower program at a cryptocurrency conference in New York this week, complete with a booth in the hallway and free CFTC whistles handed out to attendees. The event is Consensus 2019, a conference hosted by news website Coindesk to discuss…

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Progress on Whistleblower Fix


One step forward for compliance officers and effective whistleblowers: the House Financial Services committee has approved a bill to undo the damage of the Digital Realty Trust decision from the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, which said that whistleblowers must first report their allegations to the SEC if they want to claim whistleblower protections. The…

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Compliance Jobs Report: May 10

Compliance jobs

The Compliance Jobs Report this week has personnel hires at two scandal-ridden banks, plus lots more moves at Trinseo, Walmart, Panasonic, Timken, Jetex, and many more. We have a dream job for an auditor who wants to get away from it all, and our Meme of the Week goes out to all you Drake fans.…

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Next: New False Claims Act Guidance

false claims act

Another day, another piece of guidance from the Justice Department about corporate compliance programs — this time, explaining how companies might win cooperation credit when facing violations of the False Claims Act. The Civil Division of the Justice Department posted the guidance Tuesday afternoon. The the material hews closely to what the Criminal Division has…

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CBS Beefs Up Ethics & Compliance


Here’s something worth watching: CBS has announced a raft of measures to improve its ethics and compliance program, after blistering headlines about sexual harassment and retaliation in its executive offices and on the sets of its TV programs. Most notably, CBS will place “human resources production partners” on set at all of its programs, so…

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Whistleblower Award Boosted for Reporting Internally


News from the world of whistleblower awards: the Commodities & Futures Trading Commission awarded a $1.5 million “enhanced award” to some lucky person on Monday, because that whistleblower first tried to report his or her concerns internally. As always with whistleblower awards, we don’t know too many facts in the case. But Christopher Ehrman, head…

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Audit Firms, Cybersecurity Risk, and You


A member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board gave a speech last week about the role of audit firms in cybersecurity — and raised a point people seldom say aloud: the audit firm’s role is a relatively small one. Kathleen Hamm, a member of the PCAOB since last year, gave her remarks at a…

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